Ynys Wen Cemetery

COVID-19: Updated Guidance on funerals

The guidance to local authorities on funerals has now been updated to reflect the amendments: https://gov.wales/guidance-local-authorities-funerals-covid-19

It should be noted that the guidance has also been expanded to cover the personal care of the deceased.  Although, there are no changes to existing advice in this area this section has been included to provide the advice in a more accessible way only.

In addition, the guidance has been updated to suggest that mourners who are self-isolating for 14 days due to someone in their household being unwell with symptoms (but are not symptomatic themselves) or who are extremely vulnerable or in a shielded group should be facilitated to attend the funeral in person should they wish to do so, with processes put in place to minimise the risk of transmission.

About Ynys Wen Cemetery

Ynys Wen Cemetery is managed by the Community Council on behalf of the Community. The cemetery is located around 200 yards from the traffic lights in the direction of the the A55.

For information regarding burial fees, please follow the link: Ynys Wen Fees 01/05/23

For information regarding cemetery rules, please follow the link: Ynys Wen Cemetery Guidelines 01/05/23